Every company or organization has the right to have a proper level of security so that they are protected from the threat of danger, theft or crime. We understand our clients of their need of having special security and do our best to provide them with the best quality products and services to suit their requirements. We provide CCTV solutions and acquire high quality equipment from USA, Germany, UK, China and Taiwan as per the requirements of the clients.

AyeZee also provides repair and maintenance services for the complete range of security equipment including X-ray machines in airport with modern baggage and parcel security systems. AyeZee prefers those solutions and products that are most advanced in technology, high in reliability and provide the best service.

AyeZee Group also provides a complete service for video surveillance equipment including customer support and maintenance of the following (but not limited to) equipment:

  • Detectors, metal detection systems
  • X-ray Gates/Security gates
  • NW Cameras (IP Cam, Hybrid Cam), LAN and WAN
  • X-Ray baggage Scanners and parcel security systems


Products Description Image
CCTV Cameras Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras produce images or recordings for security and surveillance purposes. They can be either video cameras or digital stills cameras.
Detectors We offer detectors for various purposes e.g. smoke detectors, fire detectors, motion detectors, security detectors etc are available.
Entry Alarm Systems Alarm systems are set up in organizations and allow authorized personnels to enter the premises.
Metal Detection Systems Metal Detectors detects the presence of metal and are important in finding metal objects hidden within objects or buried underground. These are used for security screening in prisons, courthouses and airports to detect concealed metal weapons.
NW Cameras, IP Cameras, Hybrid Cameras We offer Northwest (NW) Cameras, IP and hybrids cameras for security and surveillance purposes. These cameras detect any motion, record them and send alerts to owner's computer or smartphone. These cameras can be set up at homes, offices and public areas.
X-Ray Baggage Scanners The X-Ray baggage scanners are ideal for faster security screening of cabin baggage and small parcels. These scanners are programmed with the help of automatic software for detecting illegal or dangerous objects.
X-ray Gates/Security gates These gates are designed to meet the specific security needs of public facilities. Leading edge technology such as X-Ray features allows high flow of people through the gate with a minimum number of nuisance alarms, as personal items such as coins, keys and belt buckles can pass without causing an alarm.